Production line for reversing light switches

Stations of the production line:

Pre-installation of the operating plunger.
Pre-installation of the contact element.
Pre-installation of the insulated part.
Coating of the thread (variant without seal ring).
Crimping of the seal ring.

Installation of the switch:

  • Insertion of the housing with operating plunger (manual).
  • Housing and plunger mounting check.
  • Stamp and insertion of the membranes (automatic).
  • Mounting check of the membranes.
  • Insertion of the insulation part (manual).
  • Mounting check of the insulated part.
  • Border crimping of the switch (automatic).
  • Removal of the switch and insertion into the tester (manual).

Station 1: Equipping/removal, checking of the insulation part alignment.
Station 2: pre-operation of the switch.
Station 3: Leak test and volume test.
Station 4: Feed path test. Operation via step motor axle.
Station 5: hot stamping of the production date.
Station 6: measurement (height) and check (diameter) of the seal ring variant.

Hot stamping.

Industrial PC.

Entire line cycle time:
5.5 seconds.

Production location::
Czech Republic