STAHL Assembly Technology

Serial production

We produce serial parts in our own devices and machines or in those provided by customers.

For changing assemblies or mountings, flexible robot cells can be quickly and economically retooled with the respective exchange holders and tools.

If no manufacturing devices are available, we will manufacture them in our own company, whereby the costs can also be allocated to the piece costs.

In many cases, we manufacture parts from our pre-serial production jobs well after our customers actually have started serial production.

Aftermarket series production

The aftermarket production of automobile switches we acquired comprises nearly 400 product variants which are delivered to more than 40 final customers.

Some of the switches we produce have not been produced in series for more than 40 years.

The manufacture is often done on auxiliary devices, since there are no automated systems available or the original devices have been taken out of service.

Because of the sometimes difficult technical constructions and the wide range of varieties, only very reliable employees with many years of experience work in our final assembly.

The sizes of the lots being produced varies, depending on the model, between 20 and as many as several thousand pieces.